Occupied life annuity

What is an occupied life annuity ? advantages and disadvantages

Some advantages of an active annuity are that it guarantees a certain level of income for a set period of time, can provide financial stability during retirement, and can provide peace of mind. An occupied annuity also has disadvantages, such as limits that can be placed on lifestyle choices and reduced lifetime income potential. However, buying a free life, which may be of interest to a seller, is not as common as an active life. The latter is less expensive than a traditional purchase, but has the disadvantage of not being able to enjoy the property until the seller dies. Think of an annuity purchase as a real estate investment rather than a short-term housing solution. Negotiating large bond payments and lower annuities is also a way to secure an investor’s purchase.

For the seller, the main benefit is the ability to receive a life annuity while enjoying a favorable tax treatment. He can continue to enjoy his home without being the full owner. He can also use the annuity to finance his investment in a nursing home.

Practical case to understand the difference between a life annuity and the sale in “bare ownership”:

Let’s take the example of a retired couple of 78 and 80 years old, living in Paris, in an apartment of 120m2 estimated at 1.600.000€:

Classic life annuity saleSale in “bare ownership”
 Payment of a bouquet on the day of the notarial act of 500,000€* + monthly annuity of 2200€* until the death of both spouses.
* It is also possible to fix a higher bouquet and in this case a lower monthly annuity, and vice versa
Payment of a one-time bouquet of 1.100.000€* on the day of the notarial act, this amount representing 70% of the market value of the property.
* This amount varies according to the age of the owners
Sellers continue to live in their apartments for the rest of their lives, do not change their lifestyle habits and increase their purchasing power.Sellers stay in their homes for the rest of their lives, with the possibility, if they choose, of renting out their apartment and receiving rental income.
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