Life annuity

CONSULTANTS IMMOBILIER Life annuity support its clients in the optimization of their patrimonial situation (improvement of the purchasing power, realization of life projects…), or the purchasers-investors in the search of profitability.

Life annuity ? A relevant solution for the times !

After retirement, income decreases significantly while daily expenses often continue to increase: generally owners of their main residence, people who have left the workforce often lack sufficient liquidity to meet their needs and those of their family, friends, or relatives (among others).

Therefore, three tailor-made solutions are available to them:

Bare ownership sale Payment of a single lump sum (which can represent up to 80% of the market value of the property). The seller can thus continue to live at home for the rest of his life without changing his habits and while benefiting from an immediate and important capital.
Occupied life annuity The seller continues to occupy his property, with the immediate payment of a bouquet (sum which is paid, in cash, in one go on the day of the sale) and a monthly annuity for life.
Freehold life annuity Payment of a bouquet and an annuity for life, but the seller no longer has the use of his property unlike the occupied life annuity

The bare ownership sale allows you to

Organize your succession. Optimize your taxation and free yourself from the management of your real estate assets…

Streamline legacy management. Avoid a future situation of undivided ownership for your heirs and beneficiaries

Increase your purchasing power and enjoy life

Protect your spouse in case of an accident

Making donations to your children, grandchildren, relatives or associations

Financing a solution for assistance or maintenance at home

Benefit from a capital and induced complementary income

Pay off your debts and clear your loans

Consultants immobilier answers all your questions about life annuity

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