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King’s Cakes 2024? From patisseries to palaces and grand Parisian houses, dare to try bold combinations!

By Monique Delanoue-Paynot

Pierre Hermé.
Almond, rose, pistachio, orange blossom, gianduja… With the visual artist Gianpaolo, Pierre Hermé takes us to the realm of flavors of a novel and colorful gourmet world.

Consultants Immobilier unveils a selection of pastry chefs who share the same passion for this iconic delicacy that the French indulge in throughout the month of January… Who will find the lucky charm?

Café de la Paix

With a view of the Place de l’Opéra, you’ll have to choose between traditional frangipane or the rum and vanilla almond cream version to crown the cake!

Jeffrey Cagnes

The renowned Parisian pastry chef offers a buttery galette made of melt-in-your-mouth frangipane with a delightful almond flavor, enhanced with rum. Guaranteed visual impact!


In a roasted pecan almond cream, spiced milk jam, and muscovado sugar, Julien Alvarez conceals a macaron-shaped charm, a symbol of the house.

Hôtel de Crillon

Matthieu Carlin presents a hazelnut and lemon galette, housing a butterfly charm, the emblem of “Butterfly Pâtisserie”: the new gourmet space of the hotel located in the heart of Paris.


Pastry chef Anne Coruble presents “Floralie”! A lemon hazelnut King’s crown with roasted almond frangipane, Normandy alfalfa honey, and honey opaline. Accompanied by marsh honey caramel and Isigny cream with Tagete flowers, as a tribute to nature.

Le Plaza Athénée

Angelo Musa, World Pastry Champion, and pastry chef Elisabeth Hot delight our taste buds with a joyful King’s cake filled with sweet hazelnuts and candied mandarin. Deliciously original!

Cédric Grolet

How can one resist the brioche galette and hazelnut cream from the pastry chef of Le Meurice Hotel? It’s a nod to the famous hazelnut from the movie “Ice Age”.


Quentin Lechat blends frangipane, praline, vanilla, and candied chestnut, dressing it all with candied chestnut chips on a striated croissant puff pastry. Breathtaking!


Maxence Barbot offers a double-layered croissant dough filled with indulgent frangipane, hazelnut powder, and hints of amaretto, rum, and vanilla.


The “choco-chestnut” galette combines the house’s two iconic flavors: old-fashioned hot chocolate and Mont-Blanc. A delight of almond cream sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Philippe Conticini

Brimming with visual creativity, it’s enchantment with a “Queens’ Galette” featuring a hazelnut-flavored cream beneath a disc of gianduja.

La Tour d’Argent

Traditionally delightful, the galette from Boulanger de la Tour is filled with almond frangipane cream and contains a surprisingly unique charm.

Drugstore Publicis

Under the guidance of starred chef Eric Fréchon, Léna Thiam handcrafts a pure butter galette, rich with orange blossom frangipane and sprinkled with caramelized, roasted almonds.


Wonderfully designed, fragrant, and perfectly golden, the “Calisson Galette” features a heart of frangipane with almond, honey, and orange blossom.

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