Emily CooperParis in Technicolor

By Monique Delanoue-Paynot

She’s the star of the capital! Heroine of the Netflix phenomenon Emily in Paris, the bubbly Anglo-American actress Lily Collins is stirring up the Paris real estate market.

With her doe eyes and youthful charm, the whole world is under the spell of the actress, glamorous to perfection as a fashionista on the cutting edge of fashion, strolling through a Paris (chosen as the setting by Netflix) that has Americans and Brits alike fantasizing.
According to GetAgent, a British real estate specialist, Google searches for properties in the capital jumped by 1,416% the week season 3 was launched. In view of the global success, Netflix has announced the production of a Season 4!

70% of Americans come to the City of Light to discover Emily’s Paris, which has become the most sought-after destination on the Internet for tourists from across the Atlantic. From her bakery, where she buys her first pain au chocolat, to the Palais-Royal district where she works, via the Pont des Arts, the Café de l’Homme, L’Atelier des Lumières, the Musée des Arts Forains, the Café de Flore… and her home in the 5th arrondissement: Emily sets the capital ablaze in Technicolor! Making postcard clichés memorable. The backdrop? The most beautiful places! And the Parisian adventures of the refreshing Lily Collins, aka Emily, follow one another through carefully orchestrated shots on the Alexandre III bridge, the Montmartre hill, in the heart of the Marais, in front of the Eiffel Tower or on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin. So chic!

Ve Stephanie Branchu Netflix 2020 EIP

The building where Emily lives is at number 1 on the pretty Place de l’Estrapade in the 5th arrondissement. Close to the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon.

Emily in Paris
by Consultants Immobilier

An overview with our experts on high-end Parisian real estate: 15 agencies, including the capital’s finest, on Place du Costa Rica, opposite the Eiffel Tower and the Passy metro station.

Guided Tour

What about Emily in Paris? An American-French TV series, created by Darren Star and broadcast on Netflix, that follows the adventures of Emily Cooper, a young American who moves to Paris to work in a communications agency. The pitch? Showcase the beauty and charm of the city of love, art and fashion, and offer a tourist guide to the different areas of the capital that have become the place to be for a coffee, a salad or a glass of champagne. All that’s left to do is explore the famous star districts, their architecture, parks and transport links. And the average price per square metre!

Luxury made simple. Paris, a city rich in history and culture, boasts a number of emblematic arrondissements, each with its own unique ambience. With one thing in common: prestige! Symbolizing luxury, comfort and ease – that famous triumvirate so sought-after by buyers – these ardently coveted pied-à-terre are making a comeback in real estate agencies. While Montmartre and the Trocadéro area are among the most expensive arrondissements for Parisian belles pierres, the Marais, Invalides and Champ-de-Mars have nothing to envy them. Of course, prices vary according to size, location and condition. So it’s important to consider your needs and aspirations before making a choice. What’s best? Rely on the experience and know-how of a reputable agency.

18e Carole Bethuel

The 18th arrondissement
It was in MONTMARTRE, rue de l’Abreuvoir, that Emily decided on her marketing campaign for Hästens beds, not far from the Maison Rose, meeting place of Pablo Picasso, Édith Piaf, Albert Camus… The cobbled streets and characterful buildings of this historic hilltop neighborhood cultivate a certain charm. You have to be prepared to pay a high price to live here, but who wouldn’t want to buy a house or apartment with a breathtaking view of the city?

16 e Carole Bethuel Netflix 2020 EIP

The 16th arrondissement
LA TOUR EIFFEL, LE TROCADÉRO, LE CAFÉ DE L’HOMME fascinate Emily during the launch of the perfume “De l’heure” by the (fictitious) Maison Devaux. This chic neighborhood, with its parks and gardens, museums, renowned schools, gourmet restaurants and classy Haussmann-style buildings, offers spacious, luxurious apartments to those who can afford them! The proximity of the Champs-Élysées is driving up property prices, and the private lanes in the village of Auteuil and Passy La Muette are popular at all price points.

7e Courtesy of Netflix 2020 EMILYINPARIS Season1 Episode3

The 8th arrondissement
THE PLAZA ATHÉNÉE HOTEL ON AVENUE MONTAIGNE welcomes Emily and fashionable actress Brooklyn Clark to the legendary Haute Couture suite dedicated to Christian Dior, who used to visit as a neighbor. The palace next to the Alexandre III bridge symbolizes the prestige of Paris’s Golden Triangle. Here, large surface areas and family apartments are rare commodities, and acquisition remains complex due to high demand.

8e Hotel Plaza Athenee HauteCouture Suite Living by markread

The 7th arrondissement
Along the banks of the Seine, SAINT-DOMINIQUE street, the link between the esplanade des INVALIDES and the allées du CHAMP-DE-MARS, is a lively little village. Zoom in on one of Consultants Immobilier’s new blue & gold agencies, located at “89 Saint-Do”! In this elegant, touristy, residential atmosphere, people are jostling for spacious bourgeois apartments in splendid 1930s Art Deco buildings, set in the shadow of Emily’s beloved Eiffel Tower.

Jardins Palais Royal 1er Carole Bethuel Netflix 2020 EIP

The 1st
PALAIS-ROYAL… Emily likes to take breaks with her friend Mindy (actress Ashley Park) in the gardens of this cult venue before heading to her office in Place de Valois, a cocktail party in Place Vendôme or the Marais, known for its cobblestone streets, half-timbered buildings and fashion boutiques. Real estate prices are high here, and the housing is older but of great historical value – perfect for architecture lovers!

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