Cèna – Authentic neo-bistro cuisine

By Monique Delanoue

How do you recognize a successful decor? Perhaps by the fact that even before the first customer at the first lunch, there’s already a good mood here. ” In the kitchen, Hideki Nakamura: a chef for sharing!

As one of the most promising restaurants in Paris, it’s impossible to ignore this restaurant with its rich palette of flavors. Led by a talented team, Cèna (which means table in Latin) was awarded the title of “Best Bistro of the Year 2022”. The loyal clientele can identify with the values and spirit of David Lanher, who astonishes and surprises with each of his creations. His motto? From the Roots to the Good Saint Pourçain, always the desire for a local place!
And the charm of a sidewalk terrace is the perfect way to discover the unexpected: an elegant interlude on the edge of the Parc Monceau, in the 8th arrondissement, so popular with Parisians eager for gourmet addresses. The chic interior, without overdoing it, is designed by Studio Magalie Varcourt: full-leather banquettes and precious woods, stylish lighting. All that’s left to do is let yourself be surprised by the talent of Hideki Nakamura, a chef who never ceases to amaze with the unusual visual construction of his dishes, in which meat, fish and vegetables, both raw and cooked, are blended together and finished off with a touch of sauce. In short, your taste buds will be begging for more. A special mention goes to pastry chef Anne-Solenn Cadou, for the delicacy of her desserts.■


Hideki Nakamura, chef de cuisine, the real protagonist of this brilliant young Japanese generation.

Homard bleu

Grilled blue lobster with Binchotan, caviar sauce.

mousse rhubarbe

Mousse and poached rhubarb marmalade on almond sponge cake.

cena terrasse

23 Treilhard street, 75008 Paris
Phone : 01 40 74 20 80

cèna salle
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