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By Monique Delanoue-Paynot

The beauty bet of Consultants Immobilier? To test the prestigious “L’Elixir des Glaciers” range by Valmont! Located between Place Vendôme, the Louvre, and the Champs-Elysées, make your appointment at the spa of the Hotel Meurice in Paris 1st.

Passionately Swiss, a Cosmetic Masterpiece

Medical expertise, beauty of landscapes, purity of resources… Developed on the shores of Lake Geneva, Swiss cosmetics stem from a medical tradition. Far from the fashion industry that influences so many European brands. Their motto? Efficacy, safety, ease of use. Hence the interest in Valmont care and products. Conceived in the privileged environment of the Swiss Confederation, rich in bold formulas and nutrients. The multisensory Valmont experience is acclaimed worldwide: from Paris to New York, through Lausanne, Geneva, Barcelona, Shanghai… The internationally renowned brand is present in 55 countries with more than 2000 points of sale. Consultants Immobilier was invited for a sneak preview to discover “Essence of Bees,” the new collection from L’Elixir des Glaciers which pays tribute to bees and the science made in Switzerland.

Journey to the Heart of “Anti-Aging”

The goal? To fight against aging on a daily basis. Preserve the skin’s epidermis, control the signs of time. Inspired by the benefits and natural actives of the hive, this new collection of treatments is combined with Valmont’s liposomal DNA. A guarantee and a revolution in the world of extreme anti-aging. Heading to Lausanne, then Verbier, via Morges where the Valmont Group headquarters are located. 50 km from Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva, facing Mont Blanc, lunch at the restaurant named after the famous massif offers a dream setting. With the presidency of Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont. “Waters from mineral-rich glaciers, natural plant extracts grown in our own Phyto-Alpine garden, sturgeon or salmon DNA, we use the excellence of the best products to slow down skin aging and enhance the natural beauty of the skin,” declares the Group’s CEO.

Her speech is inexhaustible and her enthusiasm sincere. The proof is in the pudding! Radiant complexion, perfect skin. And an eloquent background: Balmain, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent fragrances… She knows luxury, the excellence of care. With a specificity unique to Valmont: cellular cosmetology and the development of ultra-concentrated actives. The novelty? Offering the driest skins treasures of nutrition from Swiss hives. And to create the luxurious “Essence of Bees” edition: three new majestic treatments available in oil, cream, and serum form.

Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont: “My challenge is to keep our Valmont cosmetics at the top of the podium.” Leading the Group for over 20 years, she manages all aspects of product creation, marketing, and communication, as well as international press relations.

“Essence of Bees”, the new collection from L’Elixir des Glaciers
Cream of Mask and Majestic Oil Box Set (ash wood, brass cells), an artistic tribute to the world of the hive, €2850 (limited edition) Creation by Didier Guillon: his aesthetic vision and love for art are reflected in the design of refined cases that house the brand’s products.

L’Eau des Glaciers, with its purity and ideal mineral content, promotes tissue exchanges, energizes cellular metabolism, and stimulates natural defense systems. The Phyto-Alpine Garden of the Valmont Group gives a privileged place to plants in its products. At an altitude of 1200 meters, controlled organic cultivation and pure extracts obtained through a delicate process retain all their antioxidant, stress-relieving, and energizing properties.

The Phyto-Alpine Garden in the heart of the Swiss Alps (municipality of Sembrancher) is a unique space where Valmont cultivates plants selected for their role on the skin, including the precious Rosa Moschata.

“Majestic Collection”

On the way to the “Valmont Residence”! Located at an altitude of 1500 meters in the exceptional site of Verbier. The charm of a mountain village, the buzz of a ski resort, the prestige of a location frequented by a high-end and cosmopolitan clientele. The chalet, with its terraces, overlooks the valley. 150 m2 with a breathtaking view of the Valais Alps. From the immense living room to the 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms, an open kitchen, and a chef at your disposal, the place is a haven of peace reserved for the happy few. Didier Guillon, President of the Valmont Group, an avid art enthusiast, wanted it this way. Just like in his residences in Venice or Hydra, he hosts friends, guests, and VIP clients of the brand. The atmosphere is cozy, modern, designer, and luxuriously evident by default.

Champagne! Before moving on to dinner at the long table set to welcome guests, nestled in sofas covered with plaids and fur, the presentation of the “Majestic Collection” begins. Its strength? “To concentrate precious natural ingredients with nourishing, regenerating, and soothing properties, all from the hive: honey, propolis, and royal jelly. Texture, scent, lightness, the excitement is immediate. To be used daily: Majestic Mask Cream and Majestic Face Oil (€490 and €480); Majestic Serum, an extraordinary lifting agent for the eyes (€445), guaranteed allergy-free and no tearful eyes. “Ideal for drooping eyelids” we are told. This complex wins all votes: healing, nourishing, and suitable for all skin types, dry or mature.

Majestic Mask Cream: Daily cream, morning and evening. Gently massage onto face and neck.
Majestic Oil: Use morning or evening. Massage as many drops as needed onto face and neck. If used with other products, apply after serum and before cream. A drop mixed with foundation will give the skin a radiant and luminous finish.
Majestic Serum for Your Eyes: Morning and evening, apply one pump of product with the ring fingers. Start from under the eye at the inner corner and smooth upwards towards the temples up to the eyebrow head. Tap the product onto the eyelid crease and eyebrow arch for 30 seconds.

It was in Verbier that Valmont opened in 2003 the first SPA By Valmont: a space for active city dwellers eager to enhance the natural beauty of their skin.

Meeting the Bees

Discovering the Arolla Glacier at an altitude of over 2000 meters! From here flows the pure water that enriches Valmont’s products and brings to the skin the strength of ancient glaciers, followed by a descent to Vevey at the Grand Hotel du Lac which houses a Valmont spa. Before returning to Paris, a visit to the beautiful Stéphanie Vuadens (sister of Sylvie Tellier, the former director of Miss France), Valmont’s beekeeper in Satigny. In white suits, we greet our friends the bees! “L’Elixir des Glaciers by Valmont” reinforces its commitment to their conservation with the Arche des Abeilles Foundation: twenty sponsored hives benefit from support for the planting of melliferous and nourishing flowers to ensure their survival. Should we trust the bees? Definitely yes!

A Parisian Sanctuary Dedicated to Beauty

Want to start the new year with a perfect and rejuvenated complexion? Make an appointment at the Valmont spa of the Hotel Meurice- Paris 1st. The brand from the Swiss leader showcases Alpine know-how and innovative cosmetology through high-end treatments, delighting hoteliers around the world, at the renowned Le Meurice hotel. Located under the arcades of Rue de Rivoli, the palace-style spa welcomes a clientele of women and an increasing number of men who want to use quality cosmetics, with visible results and exceptional textures. A younger clientele is also emerging in the emerging markets. On the program: exclusive, tailor-made treatments. Iconic!

At the Valmont Spa, a favorite is the anti-aging rituals: this targeted facial treatment improves firmness and adds volume to your skin for a sculpting and reshaping effect, €230 for 60 minutes.

To discover: the first Parisian showcase of La Maison Valmont at 6 Rue de Castiglione in the Hotel Le Meurice
01 44 58 69 77
Hotel Le Meurice, 228 rue de Rivoli-75001 Paris
01 44 58 69 36

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