The guide to selling a luxury property in France

If you are looking to sell a luxury property, you will quickly realize that the luxury real estate sale is very different from the classic circuit. Setting a selling price, finding potential buyers or valuing a home are all steps not to be neglected. The intervention of a specialized real estate agency  is therefore often the key to success in luxury real estate sales.

How is luxury real estate defined?

When we talk about luxury real estate, we generally think of certain categories of property, here are some examples:

  • Haussmann buildings and luxury apartments: commonly associated with the city of Paris, they are characterized by their facades inherited from the Second Empire. Built in cut stone, they respond to very specific structural codes (height, number of floors, etc.) in order to create a very specific architectural ensemble. The apartments that make up these buildings are recognizable by their volume and ceiling height, as well as by the distribution of the rooms.
  • Castles and manor houses: they are distinguished by their size, the manor being still smaller than the castle. One had a defensive aspect while the other was rather a representation of a bourgeois way of life. Both are made of quality materials, usually ornate stone (moldings, sculptures, etc.). Many castles in France are classified as historical monuments.
  • Villas and architects’ houses: usually built in a more modern style. The first are mostly on one level, bright, with large living spaces and a landscaped exterior (with swimming pool for example); generally located in a privileged environment. The latter denote by their atypical layout that responds precisely to the desires of the owner.

Other properties may fall into the category of luxury real estate: mansion, penthouse, etc. The standing of a home lies in the small details that make it a singular property. In any case, do not forget that what makes the prestige of luxury real estate is its rarity.

What is the procedure to follow to sell a luxury property?

First of all, the market value of the property must be  determined. And this is not easy since the price per m² is higher than that of conventional housing. To be sure not to underestimate or overestimate your property, it is better to know the luxury real estate market. You need to be aware of everything that puts your property in this category. To refine the contours of the definition, we can therefore mention some criteria:

  • the location of the property: view of a monument (Eiffel Tower in Paris, Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica in Lyon, etc.) or a remarkable natural feature (mountain range, ocean, etc.);
  • the size of the property: indoor and outdoor area, number of rooms, etc.;
  • equipment and construction: materials (marble, woodwork, etc.), swimming pool, gym or cinema, etc.;
  • the visual aspect and the history: historic building, architect’s house, home of an illustrious person, etc.

When you have targeted the assets of your property, it should be valued. This is one of the guarantees of success of a real estate sale. It is sometimes necessary to do some refreshment work, or to declutter the space slightly so that your home finds its full potential. This step will allow a potential buyer to project himself in a neutral environment as soon as the photos are viewed and, subsequently, during a visit.

Finally, you will need to find the right method to sell your property. You can choose to carry out these steps alone or to be accompanied by a specialized agency. The second solution is the most secure and effective, especially if you hope for a quick sale and in good conditions.

What are the particularities compared to the sale of a conventional property?

Luxury real estate is a niche. It therefore has its own codes and corresponds to a very particular audience. The development of a property is then essential if you want to sell it. In the field of luxury, it is even the foundation of the project since prestige is based on unique, rare and luxurious assets. Buyers of this type of property are sensitive to the details that make a house, villa or mansion special and know exactly what they are looking for.

Future buyers of luxury real estate differ from traditional buyers, by their profile in particular! You will be dealing with a demanding, wealthy, busy and often absent clientele who therefore has little time to give you. These people usually have specific expectations that luxury real estate specialists master perfectly. Do not hesitate to use a real estate agency reputable in the sale of exceptional property.

Who to contact to sell a luxury property?

You can sell a classic property by yourself. But when it comes to luxury real estate, using an agency is the best possible choice. As with a traditional property, a sale requires time and investment. Above all, it requires know-how and a network that only professionals in the field possess.

A good knowledge of the local real estate market is a real plus. Only an agency specializing in the sale of luxury goods can give you a perfect mastery of a given sector. Indeed, the real estate sale is not limited to the specificity of a land or housing. The environment is paramount in a sales project: beautiful popular neighborhoods in Paris, large isolated estate in the countryside, secure residential areas, etc. Real estate agents consider the property as a whole and in its context in order to get the best out of it.

Our advice for selling your luxury property

In summary, to be sure to succeed in the sale of your luxury property, you must respect these few simple rules:

  • Properly evaluate the price of the property: take into account its size, location and all the characteristics that make it an exceptional property. Be careful to set a fair price! An underestimation could damage the credibility of the offer while an overestimation would be prohibitive.
  • Enhance your property: make it irreproachable so that future buyers see its full potential as soon as photos or videos are published, then during visits. You have to trigger the crush and this is often played in the first 30 seconds!
  • Know when to be accompanied by a professional: they know their job perfectly and have access to tools and a well-developed network. As a result, they will be of great help when selling your luxury property.

The choice of an agency specializing in prestigious real estate

The sale of real estate is not a trivial act. If you want to put all the chances on your side, use an agency specializing in prestigious real estate. This is the guarantee of a successful sale. You will benefit from the expertise of qualified agents who will enhance your property in order to offer you the best sales prospects.

Their services are tailor-made and often include:

  • professional photos and videos to highlight the property;
  • writing ads;
  • transmission on different channels (agency website, real estate sales websites, international distribution, presence in specialized magazines, etc.);
  • accurate estimation of the selling price;
  • organization of visits;
  • negotiation;
  • adapted support in the steps until the conclusion of the sale;

These agencies are used to dealing with a rigorous clientele. They are able to understand and even anticipate the requirements of potential buyers. Real estate agents specializing in the sale of prestigious properties are therefore a real asset in the realization of your project.