It’s a family affair, a transmission, a sharing. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, mother and daughter will accompany you in your interior decoration.

Villa Madrid. A private hotel in Neuilly decorated by Sophie Séguéla. A success story! While her husband, Jacques, revolutionised advertising in the 1980s and raised François Mitterrand to the top (The Quiet Force, My heart will always beat to the left, it’s him!) but also Citroën, Woolite … his wife, Sophie, created “Bleu comme bleu”, a beauty institute on Avenue Hoche in the 8th arrondissement where she devoted herself to her great passion, decoration. A success! The whole of Paris flocked there to discover the interior objects chosen by the mistress of the place. After a stint on avenue Victor Hugo in the 16th arrondissement and the creation of her own eponymous brand, “Sophie Séguéla Intérieurs” (collections covering all areas of the home), the duo, Sophie and Lola Séguéla, set up a complete service to be discovered online: “Sophie Séguéla Studio”. And from Ibiza to Normandy via Paris, the exotic, elegant label, with its eclectic luxury and slightly retro chic, asserts itself through the originality and creativity of its interior design, which is constantly inspired by the place and the lifestyle.

SOPHIE et LOLA SÉGUÉLA c’est une affaire de famille, de transmission, de partage. Que vous soyez professionnels ou particuliers ...


How was Sophie Séguéla Studio born?

It is the story of a mother and a daughter who share the same tastes, the same desires and a common passion: living spaces where you can tell a story. After several years in the decoration business through two shops and numerous projects for Sophie, we decided to put our know-how at the service of others by creating our interior design studio and our range of sofas: “Les Sofas de Sophie”.

What are the strengths?

A common desire to respect the identity of the places we renovate and decorate. This allows us to have an eclectic style with a focus on harmony in colours and materials. It is necessary to follow a common thread, which does not prevent creativity, and we always try to understand the people who will live there.

What makes you different, what is your signature?

The world is evolving, everything is changing, everything is moving! So do our desires and our ways of living. Our signature consists of adapting to the desires of our customers while taking inspiration from the interesting trends of the moment. The added value is the notion of comfort! We like to mix styles while maintaining harmony. A place to live must first of all make you dream.

What tones are you moving towards in your work?

There is a wealth of creativity in the world and an endless supply of inspiration. It’s the places, our customers and the travel that inspire us.

Do you have preferred brands to accompany you? 

We have created our own range of sofas with over 100 choices of fabrics and colours. For upholstery fabrics, we work extensively with La Maison Pierre Frey. For furniture and lighting, the list is too long!

Who calls on you?

Mostly private individuals who like our style and want a new interior.

Your objectives for 2021/2022?

To follow our customers and to continue to develop our creations by adding to our range of sofas, a line of furniture.

Interviews by Monique Delanoue


In this old farmhouse built in 1950, we find all the codes of the typical architecture of the island. Thick whitewashed walls, sabine ceilings, pergola pillars and flat roofs.

In these traditional fincas, everything is rounded, no sharp edges. We brought back light by creating black metal openings and skylights. For the decoration, we favoured natural materials.

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